A New Hope

To further take advantage of the start of a new year, I’d like to read daily from Deng Ming-Dao’s “365 Tao: Daily Meditations,” and write about what I feel is the most significant from each page.

It is said that if one chooses to pray to a rock with enough devotion, even that rock will come alive.

The first entry in “365 Tao” talks about the hope and optimism present in a new beginning. People become excited about the new long term goals they have set for themselves, but only by staying committed the whole way through, will they achieve that goal. Perhaps the rock may not ever literally sprout arms and legs, but it will be enliven in some spiritual sense if enough hope, effort, and commitment is put into it. So all those real, life changing New Year’s resolutions, make sure you commit to them hard! Day after day!  Haru Haru!

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A Brand New Year!

Wow it feels like everything has been completely hectic within the last several months! A relentless Summer, followed by more school than I could handle, then catching the cold twice right as my Winter break began! Now that the New Year is here I hope it will be a chance to bring upon a new me (so corny, yes), but I’m already having a difficult time reviewing all the Taijiquan I’ve forgotten over the school semester let alone finding the chance to really practice. All in all, I hope I can push myself and get my shiznitz together by Lunar New Year!

Getting it all together with the start of the New Year… That’s also kind of the purpose of creating this blog. I realize in the past whenever I made a blog, it was too explore my ability to design websites rather than to actually write about anything. I spent more time editing code and graphics than actually thinking about topics to write about! At best I would just ramble on about my daily tasks… how boring. I could never wrap my head around any real topics… what am I able to write best about… I realize the two biggest things in my life are probably Daoism, which sprouted from my Taijiquan training during High School, and Otaku culture, which sprouted from all the Anime I’ve watched nonstop since before I could wipe my own ass. It seemed like a crazy idea at first to try and write a blog about these two distinct, polar opposite, Yin and Yang topics together, but why not? After all it is these two things I have grown the most passionate about no matter how much they seem to contradict each other. And so with this blog! I hope to blend these two worlds into one! Happy New Year!

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